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Irish Owned is a family run business and is 100% Irish owned and managed. The family business started off supplying all types of fuels to the households and businesses in Dublin and Kildare dating back to the 1970’s. Now due to the increased demand of Kiln dried firewood and logs as a result of a lack of good quality seasoned timber in the country and the new government carbon tax on solid fuels which has significantly increased costs to the customer with the exception of logs and firewood it is with great pleasure that we have directed all of our attention solely on supplying the highest quality Logs that can be bought today.

Quality Products

All of our kiln dried firewood is sourced from well managed forests. Our logs then go through the Kiln drying process which means they are put into giant drying chambers where the heat can be controlled to ensure the logs moisture content is brought to a guaranteed 20% or below. Thanks to this you will get the best from the firewood you buy. Not only is the heat output and performance greatly increased, it also minimises any damage damp or wet logs can cause to you’re chimney by the release creosote. Creosote can greatly damage you’re chimney and appliance and it is advised not to burn any logs with a moisture content above 25%.

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Why Choose Our Kiln Dried Logs
  • Low moisture content - Kiln dried logs have a moisture content of less than 20%.

  • Easy to light – For a fast and impressive fire with minimal hassle.

  • High Heat Output - Tests have shown that kiln dried logs give out up to three times more heat than unseasoned logs.

  • Clean and Convenient – As well as being easy to carry, these logs are also neatly packed in either dinky, handy or dumpy bags

  • Multi-functional – Kiln Dried Firewood are a safe and efficient fuel which are ideal for use on wood burners, cookers, and multi-fuel stoves.

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